PDO Thread Lift for Neck and Body (Nova Lift)

Everyone has parts of their body that they feel could use a little boost, and if you’re dealing with sagging skin or loss of volume, Nova Thread Lift for your neck and body can deliver the results you’ve been looking for. This minimally invasive procedure is a microneedling treatment that can lift and contour everything from crepy skin on your decollate to sagging under your arms. It tightens and smooths skin and can be combined with treatments like dermal fillers for a more powerful result.

Treatment & Results

Before your Nova Lift procedure, you’ll have a small sample of your blood drawn. That sample is then sent through a centrifuge so it can be separated into its individual components. The platelets that have been separated out are used in the treatment because they have specific proteins and unique healing properties that can be used to treat skin damage and injuries. The platelets are applied via microneedling which also helps promote natural collagen production for a combination effect that plumps and smooths skin for a tighter, more toned appearance.

Results can be seen immediately but will continue to develop as the swelling goes down and the body’s natural collage production continues after the treatment.


Post Care

It’s normal to experience mild redness, bruising and swelling around the treatment site as well as light soreness. Applying ice packs and using over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen can help ease any discomfort and reduce swelling. It’s important to avoid high-impact sports, surgeries, saunas and tanning beds, and any excessive movements of the treatment site for 2 to 4 weeks following the procedure.

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