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Lash Lift

Lash Lift at Bella Body Medical Spa in Yardley is a perfect alternative to eyelash extensions for those with sensitivities. This low maintenance solution can deliver results for up to 12 weeks. Your own lashes are permed against a silicon pad to give it a natural looking “lift”.  Lash Lift is a great option for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, as it gives eyes and face an instant lift! Get ready to achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful looking appearance.  Many clients also opt to add a tint treatment for more dramatic results.

Treatment & Results

First, lashes are coated with a specialized adhesive and wrapped around mini silicone pads. This holds them in the curled position that you’re looking to achieve. As you lightly close your eyes, a perming solution is applied to your eyelashes with a miniature brush. Our lash specialist then lets the solution sit for approximately five minutes. After the curling chemicals have taken full effect, a neutralizing solution is applied for three to four minutes. The results are beautifully curled, natural lashes!

Lash Lift at Bella Body

Post Lash Lift

  • Do not get your lashes wet or apply any make up for 24 hours.
  • Do not sleep with your lashes pressed in the pillow for the first 5-10 days .
  • Avoid oil-based eye make-up as it can weaken the lift and lessen the time in which the treatment lasts. It is best to avoid waterproof eye make-up as well.
  • Water based mascara is the best option as it removes easily and decreases the likelihood of breaking down the curl.
  • You can repeat 4 weeks after the initial lift, only if you feel the curl has weakened.

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