AnteAGE® Growth Factors & Cytokines

AnteAGE® Growth Factors & Cytokines

Treatment Protocol

4 microneedling sessions with Growth Factor Solution

Micro-Needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that offers a solution for a variety of skin conditions and concerns. By adding epidermal growth factors, we have created the most comprehensive and advanced micro-needling treatment available.

Growth factors are a group of specialized proteins found in many different cell types within the
body. They have many functions, with the most important being the activation of cellular renewal.

Their job is to turn essential activities within the cell ‘on’ or ‘off’ to help each cell function as it had in its prime. Playing a variety of roles, they help to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance by increasing cell renewal, cell defense, blood circulation and collagen and elastin production.

This serum contains a high concentration of growth factors and other active ingredients to enhance the skin’s natural process of regeneration and repair. These processes promote collagen production, healthy circulation and encourage cellular renewal, which makes this growth factor serum the perfect addition to the micro-needling treatment.