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January 2018
  • Did we find the Fountain of Youth?

    Growth Factors – The Fountain of Youth?

    Do you keep hearing the words Growth Factors? Do you wonder what they do? How they work? And why they’re in your skin care? Keep reading to understand how Growth Factors can benefit your skin in a major way.

    What are Growth Factors and what do they do?

    Growth Factors are natural substances made by skin cells to maintain healthy skin and boost communication between cells. They help to repair damaged skin, while providing components for firmness and elasticity. They also help maintain the skin’s protective functions and when used in topical products they help to facilitate healing and support protein growth to reverse the signs of aging.

    Growth factors can more or less pass over the dead skin cells that form the stratum corneum and create a signaling pathway with the living skin cells deeper with the skin. Therefore, despite being rather large, growth factors are still able to meaningfully impact and improve cellular functioning.

    As we age, we make less Growth Factors naturally than we did in our youth, so incorporating growth factors into our skin care regiment is crucial to maintain the overall health of our skin.

    Where do Growth Factors in our skin care come from?

    There are several places that growth factors come from, which can be derived from human cells grown in a laboratory to non-human sources, such as, snails and plants. Examples of human cells are skin cells, bone marrow skin cells, fat stem cells and even from your own Platelets. Each and every one of these cells can help reverse the signs of aging in the skin.

    Do Growth Factors really work?

    Research has proven that topically applied Growth Factors have shown increased improvements in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, texture and even discoloration. When incorporated with antioxidants results can be achieved even sooner!

    At Bella Body Medical Spa, we carry the Neocutis line of Growth Factor Skin Care that uses cutting edge Swiss technology to help transform your skin.  You can read more about their products here or call anytime to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation 215.622.7724

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