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Serious Skin Care – How deep do your products go?

Serious Skincare Solutions – How deep do your products go?

 Most women can agree that the plethora of skincare options out there can be extremely overwhelming.  Every time you turn around there is a new, groundbreaking skincare product promising to work miracles on your skin.  There are various philosophies on what constitutes the best skincare routine and what types of products should be utilized.  We want to set the record straight when it comes to buying medical grade skincare products, as opposed to cosmeceutical skincare products.

What you are currently putting on your skin may not be completely off base, but it may not be the best solution for your skin or skin concerns, particularly if you are using products that have not been vetted properly.  Also, there is no magic mushroom remedy when it comes to correcting specific skin problems such as acne or melasma.  The best way to achieve healthy skin can be a challenge.  You must be dedicated to utilizing effective products, receiving monthly medical skincare treatments and maintaining a healthy diet. Simple, right?

The main difference that medical grade skincare products offer is that they have the highest concentrations of active ingredients and a potent method for delivering ingredients, that’s already been built into the product.  For example, if you purchase a vitamin C product to boost your sun protection and to brighten your skin, L-Ascorbic Acid is the key ingredient to achieving this goal.  If you purchase a Vitamin C product from Sephora, you may be getting a very small percentage of the ingredient that is needed and most of the product is made up of filler products and water.  Now let’s compare to a medical grade Vitamin C serum such as Obagi Professional C-Serums 15%.  These topical formulations contain a stable form of L-Ascorbic Acid. There are many forms of Vitamin C, but L-Ascorbic Acid is the most bioavailable. This means it is better absorbed by the skin and can target necessary areas more effectively than standard cosmeceutical products.  You can see that it is much more efficient to implement products that will work on your skin and provide a desired outcome.

Over the counter products such as Rodan & Fields are only approved to treat the surface layer of the skin, while medical grade products reach the deep layers of the skin.  Whether you’re challenged with acne, aging skin, rosacea or melasma, we recommend reallocating your beauty dollars to investing in products that will treat your skin concerns on the deepest level.  This means that when your skin cells turn over, the new skin that has been corrected by your products is revealed, unlike with cosmeceutical products, which only treat the most superficial layer of your skin.

For example, Obagi Blender is designed to be blended with a Retin-A or a Retinol. Again, it is all about the delivery system.  The blender takes the Retin-A or Retinol deep into the skin to correct hyperpigmentation and other aging concerns.  If you only correct the top layer and not the bottom layers, once the skin cells turnover, hyperpigmentation from the bottom layer will inch its way to the top again.

Lastly, when you buy products at an aesthetic medical practice, you can be confident that the products work because of the proven statistics, science, and clinical knowledge to back the products.  Also, the medical aestheticians, nurses and doctors who are recommending these products to you are professionals in the skincare industry and have gone through extensive training to have enough knowledge to advise on right products for your skin.

If you choose to purchase your skincare products from Arbonne, Mary Kay or a similar company, the sales associate may not know the efficacy of the products or the way the ingredients work with the pH of your skin.  Trained medical professionals have extensively studied skincare and are educated about the ingredients in the products they recommend and how they will perform on your specific skin type.

The best first step to a solid, effective skincare routine is to meet with your medical professional for a thorough skin analysis.  They will recommend a custom treatment and skincare plan.