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Let’s Talk Laser Hair Reduction

So, what is it that Lasers do?

Lasers are a device that uses light energy to eradicate the hair follicle. Therefore, hair growth is reduced due to the follicle being destroyed. It can be slightly painful, like a rubber band slapping you on each zap, but nothing that a little numbing cream can’t lessen.

Who is the ideal client for laser hair reduction?

The ideal laser client is someone that has lighter to medium dark complexion or a patient with a higher contrast between hair color and skin color and has darker, coarser hair. Therefore, anyone with lighter or whiter hair would not be an ideal candidate because they lack the targeted pigment the lasers are attracted to.

When is the ideal time to start laser hair treatments?

The fall is a great time to start receiving laser hair treatments because our skin must be free of any UV exposure or sunless tanner. Your skin is comprised after exposure to the sun therefore we would not want to sustain any damage or blistering to the skin. So once our tans have faded and we’re cozy in our sweaters, we should start our laser hair reduction to have reduced hair for the coming summer months!

Did you know…

Your hair grows in 3 stages. Hair growth in the active stage is the ideal time to have a laser treatment.

It takes time to catch every hair in that active stage so treatments are spaced out anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Most clients will see an 85% reduction in growth on those coarse, dark hairs.

Certain disorders, such as, hirsutism and PCOS, can cause hair to continually grow even during a series of LHR because those with these conditions are more susceptible to have continued hair growth. While, most see a result and use it to help control the hair growth, it may take them longer to see results.

Pre- and Post Laser Hair Treatment…

Before your scheduled laser hair removal you want to be aware of any sun exposure you have had in the two weeks prior to your service or any sunless tanner that may still be on the skin. Most importantly, waxing or tweezing should not be performed 6 weeks prior to the start of your treatment and most importantly during your series. Again, we need the hair in that active growth stage to achieve the most effective result.

It’s time to ditch the razors for good!

Give us a call to set up your private consultation and schedule your first session. Get started now so you can enjoy razor smooth skin without shaving, for years to come! Take advantage of our Fall Special, Buy one area and we will add a second area complimentary. 215.622.7724 or

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