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Don’t sweat it!

Do you suffer from Underarm sweat?

Have you tried other procedures in the past and had no success? Well look no further for our miraDry Treatment. This non-invasive procedure uses ground breaking, clinically proven technology to significantly reduce underarm sweat. There is no pain and very minimal to no downtime.

How does miraDry work?

The miraDry procedure usually takes between 1-2 hours.  Our nurse will numb the area with a local anesthesia and outline the area that we are targeting.  miraDry uses microwave technology, where electromagnetic energy is delivered to the underarm to destroy the overactive sweat glands.  While the energy is being release, the miraDry   system will also release waves of cooling energy to prevent any discomfort or burning.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients usually only need one treatment, but with conditions, such as, hyperhidrosis, a patient may need 1-2 treatments, scheduled 3 months apart. In rare cases, a third treatment may be needed.

What is the success rate of miraDry?

Results can vary from individual to individual, however, a reported 75-95% of patients have seen a reduction in sweat and body odor in the underarm area.

What should I expect Post Procedure?

While everyone is different, patients may experience swelling, soreness and/or a tingling sensation underneath the arms. The side effects usually subside within a week following the procedure. Patients should see an immediate reduction in the amount of sweat they produce. Sweat glands cannot regenerate, therefore, results are long-lasting. Majority of patients may return to work and personal schedules immediately following the treatment.

Watch how miradry works and how it can help give you freedom from sweat and odor

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