Body Waxing at Bella Body Yardley, PA


Bella Body’s expert aestheticians can help you get rid of unwanted hair in unwanted places. Our aestheticians are expertly trained to maximize results and minimize discomfort. We use state of the art wax to help with unwanted irritation. Please let us know if you are using glycolic acid, Retin-A, Accutane products or anything else that may affect the balance and tolerance of your skin.

  • Bikini (Brazilian, Hi-cut, Modest)
  • Face (Brow, Lip, Chin, Sides of Face, Earlobes, Nose)
  • Body (Back, Abdomen, Modest Abdomen)
  • Legs (Full Leg, Upper Leg, Lower Leg, Feet & Toes)
  • Arms (Full Arm, Forearm, Underarm, Hands & Fingers)

Treatment & Results

Depending on the area of your body getting treated you can expect hair growth to begin to return after two to four weeks. There is no downtime after waxing and you can expect to resume your normal daily activities immediately.

Leg Waxing at Bella Body Yardley, PA

Post Care

Before waxing and tinting, we ask that you come in without application of anybody lotions or moisturizers. This will allow the wax to adhere to hair more effectively. Post-treatment, wash your skin daily to keep follicles clean and free of bacteria. We also recommend you moisturize your skin daily, particularly after waxing. This is especially important around the bikini line, as the hair follicles there are open (hair free) and more susceptible to infection. Should you experience redness after waxing, feel free to apply ice, anti-histamine lotion, or a moisturizer to reduce irritation.

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