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We here at Bella Body are of the firm belief that your eyebrows, regardless of shape or color, are probably one of the most defining features of your face. Individuals who are not happy with their eyebrows turn to the beauty industry for guidance.  Some people choose to fill them in with eyebrow gels or pencils, others look to more permanent solutions such as tattooing their eyebrows in. Bella Body prides itself on offering a new, natural looking and state-of-the-art option that provides semi-permanent results using embroidery like strokes that appear just like real hairs.

Microblading is a semi-permanent pigmentation process that uses several fine blades to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair. This procedure allows for customization of thickness, shape, color, and added definition to eyebrows.  This is an ideal option for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, or fill-in over-plucked brows.  Microblading can also aid in creating a small arch in brows for those who want that added definition.

Treatment & Results

Your goals and expectations will be discussed during your microblading consultation. The microblading treatment requires two sessions, spaced six weeks apart, to achieve optimal results.

The procedure takes approximately two hours from start to finish. Most of this time is dedicated to extensive prep work to ensure we match the perfect eyebrow shape and brow color that best suits you. A topical anesthetic will be applied prior to the treatment area to minimize any discomfort. Once the procedure is complete, minor redness and swelling is expected to occur. Initially the color of the new brow will look very dark, but this will soften as it heals over. The most important thing is to keep this area clean and dry as it heals. Also, it is important to note that there is no sweating for 48 hours after the procedure.

We want to provide only the best-in-class service and treatments at Bella Body Medical Spa. We are committed to a customized plan for any of your facial concerns and the treatment that will best meet your individual needs.

There is no recovery time with microblading! As soon as your medical aesthetician is finished with the procedure, you can resume your normal daily activities. However, we do recommend that you come in for a follow-up approximately one month after your first appointment. During the follow-up, your aesthetician will typically recommend a 40-minute touch-up.

Microblading Before After on Woman

Post Care

It is crucial that water, lotion, soap, or makeup does not come into contact with your eyebrow area during the first week after your procedure.  After five to seven days, gently apply the post-care ointment (A&D ointment, grape seed oil or coconut oil) with a cotton swab.  This can be done once at night, but be sure to use the ointment sparingly as your skin needs to heal itself.  Please continue to apply the ointment for seven days.

The following must be avoided during all 14 days after the procedure:

  • Increased sweating
  • Swimming
  • Hot sauna, hot bath, or Jacuzzi
  • Sun tanning or salon tanning
  • UV/UVA rays or chemicals as they have been known to cause a shift in color and premature fading
  • Laser and chemical treatments
  • Creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid
  • Picking, peeling, or scratching of treated area; this can cause scarring of the area or removal of the pigment
  • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it may lead to slow healing of wounds
  • Please wash your face carefully around the eyebrow without getting water on the treated area; during the shower, keep your face away from the showerhead or take a bath

Itching and flaking may appear during the first seven days following your microblading procedure.  However, experience has shown that by following these after-care instructions, these symptoms may quickly disappear.

Unlike other techniques for ‘perfect brows’, microblading is extremely low maintenance. Once your brows have healed, you can rub them, brush them and go swimming without issue. The only care we recommend is a yearly touch-up.

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