Brow Shaping

Achieve the beautiful, natural eyebrows you covet at Bella Body. Our expert Browologist can shape, trim or provide a complete overhaul of your drab brows so that whether you’re going makeup free for the day or fully made up, simply sporting brow powder or a pencil, you’re still making a statement.

In the comfort of our charming boutique med spa, we offer eyebrow waxing, tweezing and shaping to meet your needs, whether it is maintenance you desire or full brow rehabilitation. A quick procedure that can be performed during your lunch break, we can attend to your brows quickly and painlessly to ensure that your natural brows are artistically enhanced to create a perfect frame that’s suitable for your face.

Treatment & Results

Our gifted Browologist will shape, trim and or help you recover your brows from over-plucking, aggressive waxing or other mishaps to deliver the superior results you desire. For upkeep, a quick ‘lunch break’ session every two weeks will ensure your brows always maintain their WOW factor. For eyebrows in need of rehabilitation, a few sessions may be required to restore your brows to their beautiful, natural looking state while also preventing against further damage.

Post Care

A lotion will be applied to the area post treatment to cool and calm the skin. It is recommended that patients avoid the sun immediately after waxing, as well as taking a hot bath or shower, as that may irritate the skin and cause redness around the area.

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